1. Return of Unused and Unopened Items. If you've received an item and it remains unopened and unused, you may return it within 15 days from receipt. The return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. When refunding the buyer, the shipping cost will be deducted if the initial delivery was free for the buyer. 

2. Return of Used and Defective Items. If you've received an item, used it, and discovered factory defects within 15 days from receipt, please contact us to request a return label. The item is eligible for a free replacement with a similar product or a complimentary service repair. If you prefer a refund, the amount will be returned after deducting a 30% restocking fee. 

3. Return of Used Non-defective Items. If an item has been used but is without defects and you wish to return it within 15 days of receipt, the return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. When refunding the buyer, the shipping cost will be deducted if the initial delivery was free for the buyer. A refund will be issued after deducting a 30% restocking fee. 

4. Time Limit for Returns. Returns for used non-defective items are not accepted after the 15-day period from the date of receiving the product.


5. Warranty Period and Return Conditions in Case of Malfunction. If a product malfunctions within the warranty period, which extends for 1 year from the moment of receiving the product, and it's not due to the buyer's fault, the item can be replaced with a similar one or repaired free of charge. Shipping from the buyer to the seller is at the buyer's expense. If the malfunction is not due to the buyer, the seller may compensate the shipping cost as a credit for future purchases or with another product, the cost of which is no less than the equivalent cost of the delivery expenses (at the seller's discretion). Return shipping from the seller to the buyer is covered by the seller.
If the malfunction is due to the buyer, all costs for shipping in both directions and repairs will be borne by the buyer.

6. After the Warranty Period. After the warranty period expires, shipping and repairs (if applicable) will be at the buyer's expense. The decision regarding the need for repairs will be made based on consultation with the manufacturing facility, using provided photos, videos, and textual descriptions from the buyer.

7. Refunds for Replacement Filters. If you separately purchased replacement filters that show signs of use or have damaged packaging, refunds will not be issued regardless of the purchase period.

8. Resolution in Individual Cases. If you encounter a situation not described in our Return Policy, we are willing to consider it on an individual basis. In such instances, please contact us by sending an email to to discuss your specific circumstances and find the best solution.

Important Notice.
When returning items, choose a reliable carrier. We are not responsible for lost or missing parcels. The responsibility for return and its packaging lies with the buyer. Items being returned, if not appropriately packaged by the buyer and consequently damaged, leaked, lost, or significantly worn during transportation, will not be eligible for a refund. 

Request a return label by sending an email to or by messaging us directly on Instagram with a detailed reason for the return, along with photos or videos of the product confirming your claim. 

Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction with your purchase and address any arising concerns. We are prepared to work with you to find individual solutions that consider your needs and circumstances. 

This return policy applies to purchases made on our websites, or through authorized distributors in Canada. We aim to ensure your satisfaction with purchases and resolve issues in accordance with the conditions stated above.

The difference between the regular sale price of the product and the promotional price of the product is non-refundable.

Please note that the color of the product on your device's screen may slightly vary from its actual color due to differences in monitor settings and color rendition. We strive to represent the product color as accurately as possible. If you have any concerns regarding the color, feel free to contact us.